Custom Multipurpose Gardening Tool

  • O1 Tool Steel
  • Mirror polish

For the serious gardener, a tri-functional tool: heavy duty, razor-sharp shear blade                with “lopping” section nearest handle, shearing section in the middle, and a
gripping, pulling tip. The handle ring allows for the tool to hang from a finger –
freeing the hand for other work – without fully releasing it. The spring-loaded                   handle automatically returns to open position with each cut, easing use. (Patented design)


Stainless Steel Soil Aerators

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Mirror polish or “Micro-Peened”

For the aeration of potted plant soil. With one in each hand, a sometimes monotonous job can be accomplished faster. (Patented design)


Gardening Scalpel

  • O1 Tool Steel
  • Mirror Polished

A fine blade for the clean, accurate cutting of plants. (Patented design)