The Differential Heat Treatment

A simple test blade heat treated in the manner of most of the Sage Blades knives, especially the larger ones – edge steel hard, about 60 on the RC scale. Spring-tempered spine.

Some testing:

“Batoning” through knotted, very twisted grain hardwood. A good way to bend or break an inferior knife. This one required a great deal of heavy striking with a baseball bat-sized club on the very tip protruding from the wood.

Absolutely no sign of bending or damage and still sharp as a straight razor.

Pounded into a wood post and stood on. Hmm…not enough weight.

Clamped to a bench with about 200 pounds suspended from the handle. Clearly stressed.

Still straight as an arrow.

Some work on an aluminum plate. Still shaving sharp, even the parts that were hammered through the aluminum.

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