Available Items

  • Length: 10 Inches (blade: 5″)
  • Thickness: 1/4″                 
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • “Striation” texture, “bark” texture, etc. 
  • Heat Treatment coloration
  • Deer skin lace handle wrap
  • Kydex Sheath with deer skin lace (Used for numerous carry methods)

Priced at 500 USD – Sold



  • Overall Length: 12.75 inches
  • Blade Length: 7.0 inches
  • O-1 Tool Steel
  • Thickness: approx. 1/4″
  • Differentially Heat treated 
  • Edges Hardness: 58 Rockwell
  • “Striation”, “Bark” and “Stone-age” textured  
  • Copper-plated spine
  • Heat treatment coloration and  bluing 
  • Sculpted stabilized California buck-eye burl handle 
  • Steel pins 
  • Hardened leather sheath with deer skin pouch (containing 8000 grit Japanese honing stone). Deer skin lace leg-tie. Detachable forged steel ring and belt loop. 

Priced at 1400 USD – Sold




– I/4 inch O-1 Tool Steel
– Edge-quenched and tempered to 63 – 64 Rockwell hardness
– “Striated” and “Wood” textured spine and tang
– Copper-plated and antiqued
– Deer skin lanyard with python vertebrae  
–  Polished Redwood Burl handle
– Antiqued bamboo box lined with elk skin
Available through Classic Shaving




– I/4 inch O-1 Tool Steel
– Edge-quenched and tempered to 63 – 64 Rockwell hardness
– “Fractured” pattern spine, tang and tail
– Selectively gold plated
– Marbled Black Patina
– Buck-eye Burl and Resin Handle
– Copper spacer 
– Steel pins
– Elk-skin Sheath with Fossil Ammonite Button
Available through Classic Shaving – (priced at 2190 – Sold)



Railroad Spike Knife

  • Forged from a British Columbia spike
  • Differentially heat treated
  • “Forge finish”
  • Length: 8.25 inches
  • Weight: 10.25 ounces
  • Leather sheath (with custom made antique-style leather nails)

Priced at 300 USD – Available





  • O-1 Tool Steel
  • Hardened to approx. 65 Rockwell
  • Length: Approx. 3.75 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 1 Ounce
  • Heat treatment coloration
  • Black deer skin necklace cord with sliding knots

The crystalline, faceted form of each of these pendants is completely unique. Functionally, this pendant can best be described as a multipurpose point tool and is made from hardened, (high-carbon) O-1 tool steel. Here is a list of some of the pendant uses:

– Flint and steel striker
– Package and box opener
– Glass breaker (car windows)
– Glass and metal scriber
– Hole boring tool
– Self defense spike

This item will be sold through the Sage and the Butterfly – my wife Violeta’s store. The address is 54200 North Circle Drive, Idyllwild, California. You can shop and order from the store online at thesageandthebutterfly.com for these pendants as well as many other handmade treasures.

Priced at 75 USD. Available! (Contact the Sage and the Butterfly)





  •  Length: 7 inches (blade: 2.75″ / handle:  4.25″)
  • Thickness: 1/4″
  • Weight: 4.9 Ounces                     
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • Differentially heat treated – Edge hardness: 60 Rockwell
  • “Stone-Age” and “Striation” pattern
  • “Antique Etched”
  • Heat Treatment coloration
  • Kydex Sheath with deer skin lace

Priced at 250 USD  (Email Dylan at sageblades@gmail to order)

This knife is based on the well known Japanese utility blade, the kiridashi. The Sage Blades version is a sturdy, 1/4″ thick, all steel knife. It measures about 7 inches with a full length handle and ring to give excellent control and grip retention. Although the blade is short, it will retain it’s super sharp edge very well and performs great over a wide range of cutting tasks from delicate, scalpel type cutting to batoning through wood. When held far back by the ring, it can even hack quite effectively. It is well suited to urban use, as well as wilderness bushcraft. In an emergency situation, the thick steel can come in handy for prying, and, with no handle material to get in the way, it can be quite easily lashed to a pole to create a spear. The sheath is also simple, yet very effective. It involves a basic system of using an attached deer skin lace to lash the sheath to the belt. There is a long list of benefits to this simple method: the lace can be replaced with any other cord if necessary; it can be mounted horizontal or vertical, left or right, up or down; it will work with any belt size; and it keeps the sheath tightly secured in place on the belt and close against the body with a low profile. (photos and instructions on how to do this can be provided) The cord can also be used to carry the kiridashi as a “neck knife”. Also, the design of this sheath, with only the ring showing, means that it can only be drawn by putting a finger through the ring which makes it unlikely to be drawn by someone other than yourself. Last, but certainly not least, the sheathed knife can be carried in the pocket of most types of pants with the ring at or slightly below the top of the pocket. Because of the shaping of the sheath (the point above the ring), the knife can be drawn from the pocket with the sheath catching and remaining in the pocket. This is done with only the forefinger through the ring and preferably drawn into a reverse grip. This means that the kiridashi is kept secure and hidden in the pocket, yet can be drawn – into a good self-defense grip – in a split second, without actually reaching into the pocket.







  • Length: 7.5 inches (blade: 3.5″ / handle:  4.0″)  
  • Thickness: 3/16″
  • Weight: approx. 3.85 ounces                  
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • “Stone-Age” and “Striation” texture
  • Heat Treatment coloration
  • Deer skin lace handle wrap
  • Kydex Sheath with deer skin lace

Priced at 350 USD
Karambit:     Available
Persian:         Out of Stock
Spear-Point: Available

(Email Dylan at sageblades@gmail to order)

Three varying designs of a knife that incorporates a sheath made to fit in a pants pocket. When used correctly, the ring at the end of the handle is partially visible at the top of the pocket and, with only the fore-finger through the ring and an upward pull, the blade is drawn into a reverse grip with the sheath remaining in the pocket. This pocket-carry method keeps the knife far more secure than any belt mounting method and the draw is probably faster since a knife on the belt is likely to have a sheath retention feature that will need to be disengaged, not to mention likely needing to lift a shirt or jacket out of the way. While designed mainly for this pocket carry method, the sheath also comes with a deer skin lace that will allow it to be attached to a belt, in any position, horizontal or vertical, left or right.



Previously Available Items





  • O-1 Tool Steel
  • Hardened to approx. 58 Rockwell
  • Length: Approx. 4.6 inches
  • Weight: Approx. 2.85 Ounces
  • “Antique-Etched” finish
  • Heat treatment coloration
  • Deer skin lanyard

A simple, yet highly versatile tool meant for sheathless pocket carry. The Hammerhead is designed to perform many hard-use tasks that a knife is not best suited for, such as prying or can opening. Because the edges are not sharp, it is also a safer choice for opening boxes or plastic packaging. Made from high-carbon, O-1 tool steel, optimally hardened and tempered, this tough tool can take on many jobs that the multi-tools commonly made of titanium or other softer metals can’t.

Some testing:






DSC05938DSC06083DSC06093DSC06068Ring Wraith – Sabre

  •  Length: 6.95 inches (blade: 4″ / handle:  2.95″)                      
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • “Stone-Age”, “Striation” and “Bark” Textures
  • Heat Treatment coloration
  • Stabilized bird’s-eye maple burl handle (pictured)
  • Steel pins
  • Kydex Sheath (mounted horizontally on belt using the cord lacing)
  • Pivoting, hardened-steel band retention device 

Priced at 475 USD – Sold



DSC06100DSC06106DSC06114DSC06096Ring Wraith – Chopper

  • Length: 6.75 inches (blade: 3.75″ / handle: 3″)                 
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • “Stone-Age”,  “Cast-iron” and “Bark” Textures
  • Heat Treatment coloration 
  • Textured and Antiqued Copper Handle 
  • Steel pins
  • Kydex Sheath (mounted horizontally on belt using the leather straps)
  • Pivoting, hardened-steel band retention device

Priced at 475 USD – Sold



Ring Wraith – Raven

  • Length: 7 inches (blade: 4″ / handle:  3″)                  
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • “Stone-Age”,  “Striation” and “Bark” Textures
  • Heat Treatment coloration 
  • Textured, black G-10 Handle 
  • Steel pins
  • Kydex Sheath (mounted horizontally on belt using the cord lacing)
  • Pivoting, hardened-steel band retention device

Priced at 475 USD – Sold



Ring Wraith – Raptor

  • Length: 6.8 inches (blade: 3.75″ / handle:  3″)                  
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • “Stone-Age”,  “Striation” and “Bark” Textures
  • Heat Treatment coloration 
  • Polished, dyed and stabilized Box Elder Burl
  • Steel pins
  • Kydex Sheath (mounted horizontally on belt using the cord lacing)
  • Pivoting, hardened-steel band retention device

Priced at 475 USD – Sold

The Ring Wraith is a new design of small, horizontally mounted belt knife. It is a general purpose blade. The handle is meant for a three finger grip (including the ring). The ring helps to increase grip retention. It works best in a forward grip – they are not karambits.



THE RAVEN (no longer produced)

(Yes, that is a raven’s talon)



  • Length: 6.85 inches (blade: 4.15″ / handle:  2.7″)  
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • “Stone-Age” Texture
  • Heat Treatment coloration and “Micro-peened” Finish
  • Hand-made Elk Skin Leather Cord Handle Wrap
  • Kydex Sheath (mounted horizontally on belt using the cord lacing)

A simple, low-profile cutting tool with a tough, highly useful blade and a scalpel-like tip for those more precise operations. The leather-wrapped, three-finger handle and braided lanyard provide the grip necessary to get the job done.

Belt sheath comes with an integrated safety/retention device consisting of a spring-tempered steel band which pivots open and closed with a flick of the finger.



THE VANADIUM VIPER (no longer produced)


  • Length: Approx. 7.5″ – 8.5″
  • Chrome Vanadium Tool Steel
  • “Forge Finish”
  • Kydex sheath with leather belt-mounting attachment

A simple karambit forged from a 7/8″ Chrome Vanadium wrench. The Viper is a good choice for a self defense tool with the sure grip added by the handle ring. A useful general purpose utility knife, as well.

Sold through Karambit.com.






(first conceptual design)


(the current Stone-Age, below)

  • Length: 5.75 inches
  • Thickness: 1/4 inch
  • Blade width: 1″- 1″1/8 inch
  • Full Hollow-ground                                         
  • O1 Tool Steel                                                          
  • Multi-tonal KG-Gunkote (now replaced by an acid-etch, patina treatment)
  • Sinew Handle-Wrap
  • Lanyard with Hanging Loop and Python Vertebrae Beads 
  • Wood box with elk skin lining, deer skin closure lace and stone wrapping toggle. 

Sold exclusively by ClassicShaving.com 

Has shaving become boring and monotonous? Are you starting to feel guilty about all those disposable razor cartridges going into the garbage can? Want to feel more like a man? The Stone Age Straight Razor is the answer for you! That tingle of nostalgia you will get while using this amazingly sharp implement to de-whisker your face will bring you back to a simpler time – a time when your food was what you could find or hunt and your tools were what you could make from stone and bone. A time when skill and resourcefulness counted. This was a time when men were men because natural selection would not allow it to be otherwise. Welcome back, man.

Made from optimally hardened tool steel, the hollow-ground Stone Age Straight Razor will hold it’s edge through the toughest of facial hair. The patina finish will help protect it from water and weather. A walnut box is provided with this razor for storage and travel.

The last razor you will ever buy; this one will last your lifetime and possibly your children’s as well.





  • Length: approx. 7 inches
  • Blade thickness: approx. 3/16″
  • Blade width: approx. 7/8″
  • Full Hollow-ground                                                           
  • Chrome Vanadium Tool Steel
  • Patina’d Finish

Exclusively sold by ClassicShaving.com

Another straight razor choice. In its first life, it was a wrench. Resurrected from the scrap yard, reborn in the forge fire and reconfigured by hammer and anvil, it begins an “after-life” as your faithful shaving tool.

Comes complete with a professionally made leather strop and a storage/travel box or sheath.

See the new “Afterlife Accessories™” section of the web site – a branch of Sage Blades consisting of accessories and tools made entirely of recycled materials.











  • Overall Length: 12.25 – 12.75 inches
  • Thickness: 3/16″
  • O-1 Tool Steel
  • Differentially Hardened (clay technique)
  • Edge Hardness: 58 Rockwell
  • Flat/Slightly Convex Blade Bevel
  • Hammer-peen’d or “Bark” textured and “Micro-peen’d”
  • Heat Treatment Oxide coloration
  • G-10, Micarta, Stabilized Wood, or other Handle Material
  • Handle-wrapped version is Elk Skin Cord (made by hand)
  • Braided Elk Skin Cord Lanyard 
  • Lanyard Bead of various types (in order of photos: cat vertebrae, python vertebrae, coyote vertebrae and python vertebrae)
  • Kydex Sheath with Elk Skin Retention strap and Elk Skin Leg-Tie Cord

If you plan to carry only one knife in the wilderness, the SK3 will serve you well and serve you long. This straightforward blade design may seem simplistic at first glance, but with a perfect balance, recurved profile and ergonomic handle shape, it will come alive in your hand. The blade weight puts a good amount of force behind chopping blows while also allowing for very agile handling. The dropped-point profile of the blade has the effect of maximizing useful reach, especially when cutting light, thin branches, etc., that would be pushed away from the end of a more upward-curving blade. The dropped-point tip is a tough design and is also more useful in utility-knife-like cutting jobs.

The SK3 is a very well rounded knife design and will hold it’s own over a wide range of uses from bushcraft to battlefield.





  • Overall Length: 11.25 inches
  • Thickness: 1/4 inch
  • O-1 Tool Steel
  • Differentially Heat Treated
  • Edge Hardness: 58 Rockwell
  • Flat/Slightly Convex Blade Bevel
  • “Bark” Texture and “Micro-peen’d”
  • Heat Treatment Oxide Coloration
  • G-10, Wood or Other Handle Material (pictured: Green G-10. Bottom one is ivory micarta with copper bolster and pins)
  • Handle-Wrapped version is Elk Skin Cord (will be posted soon)
  • Braided Elk Skin Cord Lanyard (bottom one is kangaroo leather)
  • Lanyard Bead of Various Types (pictured: Buffalo Tooth. Second one: bone skull)
  • Kydex Sheath with Elk Skin Retention Flap and Elk Skin Leg-Tie Cord

Cleaver, seax or little axe, whatever you choose to call it, the cutting prowess of this blade will call attention. A heavy-duty quarter inch of differentially hardened tool steel with a polished, straight razor’s edge, this one bites hard and deep. As a tool of bushcraft, it keeps the wood chips flying. Terminating in a needle-sharp utility point, the SK4 can also perform aggressively in the cutting of softer materials such as leather or fabric. A well balanced design, this knife is at home in any environment – when finished chopping wood in the wilds, the SK4 can rest comfortably hanging from the kitchen wall and will make short work of whatever comes between it and the cutting board.






  • Length: 11 inches
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • “Stone-Age” and “micro-peen’d” textures
  • Heat oxide coloration (from heat treatment)
  • Kydex and Leather Sheath

Machined and forged from a solid bar of O1 tool steel, The Spear Point could not be tougher. This design is meant to be carried as a multi-purpose, secondary knife. The Spear Point can perform well in three different roles that the primary, working knife is not designed for. One: it can be mounted on a wood shaft simply by unscrewing the threaded end-cap and inserting the carved-to-shape shaft end. This can be done in under five minutes and easily undone. Two: with a heavy blade and sleek, smooth-releasing handle profile, the Spear Point makes a very effective throwing knife. Three: the hollow handle can also be used to store a small kit of essential survival items.
Additionally, the Spear Point is very solid, properly heat-treated for toughness and edge holding, and the single-edged version makes a great bushcraft/survival knife.

The Spear Point will be available in a variety of different blade styles and finishes. Note: the double-edged blades will be in the higher price range.





These varying karambit designs, when available, will usually be found on the web site, karambit.com.






DSC09818DSC09826DSC09843DSC09849DSC09800 DSC09857

  • Length: 16.25 inches
  • 1/4 Inch O1 Tool Steel
  • High Convex-Grind
  • Differentially Heat Treated (58 RC Blade Edge)
  • “Micro-Peen’d” Blade and “Chrystaline” Texturization
  • “Variegated” Pattern Along Entire Spine
  • Handle: G10 with laminate of Copper (circuit board material)
  • Leather and Kydex Sheath

This knife is the first of what will be a series of large, multipurpose working knives in the length range of 14 -17 inches. Each one will be a unique, one-of-a-kind design and a new one will become available every so often. They will have in common the attribute of packing lots of cutting prowess into a small package for the person who does not have the space for something longer and more cumbersome.  These knives will perform the work of a machete or small ax while half the length and will also be useful for the finer work normally done with a small knife.




CKM4 (no longer produced)



  • Length: 14.0 inches
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • Differentially Heat Treated
  • Antique Marbled Patina
  • G-10 Handle with “Fractured Stone” Texture
  • Custom Bamboo Box

The CKM4 is an all purpose chef’s knife. The long, straight spine of the knife is perfect for pushing chopped materials off of a cutting board. The scalloped texturing of the blade reduces unnecessary weight and minimizes surface-tension sticking of materials to the sides of the knife during dicing. Heat treated to optimal hardness for edge retention and toughness, an occasional leather stropping should be all that is required to keep it shaving sharp.


CKM5 (no longer produced)


  •  Length: 11.65 inches
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • Differentially Heat Treated
  • Antique Marbled Patina
  • G-10 Handle
  • Custom Bamboo Box

All the features that make the larger CKM4 a great performer on the cutting board, but in a smaller, lighter package. 





  • Blade length: 9.2″ Overall length 14.5″
  • O1 Tool Steel
  • Differentially Heat Treated
  • “Dark-water” Textured Blade
  • Antique Marbled Patina
  • Stabilized burl wood with “driftwood” texturing (pictured) or other handle material 
  • Custom Bamboo Box

This all-purpose chef’s knife will be the upgraded replacement of the CKM4. There will also be a smaller version to replace the CKM5.







  • Length: Head 6 and 7/8″; Edge 3 and 3/4″; Handle 18″ 
  • 1080 High-Carbon Tool Steel
  • Hammer-peened and “Micro-peened” 
  • Scorched Hickory Handle
  • Elk and Deer Skin Handle Wrap
  • Kydex and Leather Sheath with Adjustable Elk Skin Shoulder/Waist Belt

Another great bush-tool option. More chopping power than a full-size kukri, in a lighter package. Although weighing only a couple pounds, the handle length imparts a high velocity to your swing with all of the cutting tool’s weight behind the edge. The tomahawk is made to chop and does it very well, but it can also be used like a smaller knife by holding it up near the head for jobs requiring more controlled cutting.




  • All Sage Blades knives are delivered with a finely polished, straight-razor sharp blade. You will not find sharper knives anywhere. Also, as a result of high quality materials and skillfully done heat treatments, these knives will retain a shaving-sharp edge through a surprising amount of use and usually will require only an occasional leather stropping to remain shaving-sharp. All questions, requests or orders are welcome and will be answered promptly. Email at sageblades@gmail.com

*Due to a long waiting list, all orders will be temporarily unavailable. If a particular item is in stock, there will be a notation stating that it is “currently available”*