*Due to a long waiting list, all orders will be temporarily unavailable. If a particular item is in stock, there will be a notation stating that it is “currently available”, or it will posted here, below.*

New Items for Sale:

DSC02720DSC02731DSC02741DSC02738DSC02763One-of-kind, forged, multi-purpose knife.

- Overall length: 14.4 inches
- O-1 Tool Steel with differential heat treatment
- Edge hardness of 58-59 Rockwell
- “Forge-finish” (no grinding, etc.)
- Vine-patterned spine
- Handle of polished and textured black G10 with “random” steel pins
- Braided elk skin lanyard with coyote vertebrae.
- Kydex and leather sheath with deer skin leg-tie and elk skin retention strap.

*Priced at 850 USD




The Sage Blades Survival Scimitar

- Overall length: 26 inches
- O-1 tool steel with thickness of approx. 3/16 inches
- Differentially heat treated with blade hardness of 58 Rockwell
- “Bark” textured and “micro-peen’d”
- Vine patterned spine
- Handle of stabilized bird’s eye maple burl.
- Ivory micarta and G10 bolsters
- Kydex sheath with antiqued steel end cap
- “Gunslinger” cross-strap carry system

*Priced at 1690 USD



A custom “survival sword” designed by Sean Heumann


DSC09279DSC08958DSC00793DSC09183DSC00016DSC09378A custom “mini-kukri” for Ole of Norway

DSC09745DSC09883DSC00029DSC00030DSC00875Some of the equipment from my one year journey around South America… a solo trip by motorcycle through every climate and terrain, camping in the wilderness.

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